Do you suffer from muscular aches and / or stress?
A massage is good for mind & body.

Massage is used for relieving muscular aches and for relaxation and relief of stress.

Overall massage can benefit the body physically by increasing metabolism and improving circulation. Every session ends with Tibetan singing bowls.
Our body consists of about 80% of water. When sounding the singing bowls on or near the body the vibration of the sound reaches each and every cell via the water in our body, affecting the structure and health of cells and organs favourably. Hearing and being bathed in the harmonious sounds leads to rapid and effective deep relaxation and undo stress.

Feel the effect of massage ending with singing Tibetan bowls and relax with pure fragrant aromas!

  • Essential oils
  • 100% nature
  • Life energy of nature

LaStone® Therapy

Is the original hot and cold stone massage by using traditional massage techniques in combination with thermo-therapy (warmed basalt stones and subtly cooled marble stones) and aromatherapy oils.

By combining its principles with the traditional healing practices of the Native American Indians, LaStone is able to reach deeper levels of healing than a regular massage as we have previously known.

LaStone is a deeply healing treatment to help restore balance in the ‘Body, Mind & Soul’ during two hours of relaxation.


* Armpits
* Arms
* Bikini line
* Total legs
* Under legs
* Part of back
*Backscrub & backmassage 45 min
*Foot & lower legmassage 20 min

Stone Face

In this treatment the Dermalogica facial cleansing, peeling and mask is integrated.
Applying thermo-therapy on the front of the body, especially on the face, neck, decolleté, arms and legs, the blood flow, the firmness and the production of collagen will be stimulated.
Meanwhile some stones are placed on the couch, to line up either side of your spine, which you lie on.
75 minutes

Back scrub

A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by an aromatherapy massage to relax your muscles.
45 minutes.